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We handpick our team of experienced registered nurses so you can expect competence, compassion and confidentiality at all times. Utilizing thorough background checks and in-depth interviews, our registered nurses are trained, licensed and certified. They are knowledgeable and dedicated to following each doctor’s specific and individualized protocol and requests. In a coordinated effort with your doctor, they focus on minimizing discomfort and downtime by providing attentive care. LVR maintains a 3-to-1 ratio of guests to registered nurse. Our nurse care includes:

Observing post-op progress

Pain monitoring for swelling and discomfort

Administering and managing medication

Providing safety/fall protection

Communicating with doctor and family

Managing wound care (changing dressings and drains)

Monitoring vital signs

IV and Foley catheter care

Monitoring for infection, excessive bleeding and other potential complications

Applying cool compresses

Assisting with hygiene (bathing/showing, toileting, etc.)

Assisting with dressing and grooming

Walking and passive exercise

Basic assistance for temporary physical limitations

Frequent check-ins and emotional support

LVR is equipped with a wheelchair, pulse oximeter monitors, sequential compression devices, oxygen, IV bags, as well as all essential medical supplies necessary.

Our housekeeping service maintains a high standard of cleanliness. We utilize an exclusive healthcare laundry service that is HLAC and Hygienically Clean certified, and CAL/OSHA compliant for our robes, linens and towels.

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